Completion of HPP Đerdap 1 Rehabilitation Agreed upon

Completion of HPP Đerdap 1 Rehabilitation Agreed upon

Public Enterprise Electric Power Industry of Serbia and Russian company Power Machines have signed the tenth amendment to The Agreement of Rehabilitation of HPP Đerdap 1 unit in Saint Petersburg, which enables the completion of this significant business.

It has been planned for the initiation of the fifth phase of the rehabilitation of A2 unit to start in September and to last until mid-October 2019. The last phase of the works on A3 unit, as well as the completion of HPP Đerdap 1 rehabilitation has been planned for January 2021.

"We are continuing a very successful cooperation that has lasted more than half a century, ever since Power Machines delivered the generator equipment during the power plants construction on Danube. It is of utmost importance for EPS to meet the deadlines and finish the rehabilitation of HPP Đerdap 1 on time. We have ahead of us one more substantial task of the rehabilitation of 10 HPP Đerdap 2 units for that we can cooperate on with our partners from Power Machines company”, said Milorad Grčić, acting director of PE EPS while signing the amendment to the Agreement.

Savo Bezmarević, executive director of PE EPS electricity generation, pointed out that the unit rehabilitation project of the biggest power plant in EPS had started in 2009, and added that they intend to complete the rehabilitation of the two final units without making a pause.

The rehabilitation of four HPP Đerdap 1 units has been completed so far. The representatives of the Russian company stated that the A2 generator equipment for HPP Đerdap 1 is ready for shipment.

"We expect that it will be loaded on the barge next week and arrive in Kladovo until 20 August. We are also prepared to take part in the rehabilitation project of HPP Đerdap 2 from the very beginning, and to provide technical support for the engineers in EPS", stressed the representatives of the Russian power plants equipment manufacturer.

Present in PE EPS delegation was also Radmilo Nikolić, director of electricity generation in HPP Đerdap branch.

Major overhaul of HPP Đerdap 1 is a very significant task for the energy system and for EPS since it will enable a 10% increase of unit capacity and extend its lifetime for 40 years. The first HPP Đerdap 1 unit was put into operation in 1970, while this hydro power plant generates more than 5.5 billion kWh of electricity annually.

PE EPS PR Department