Modernization of Mining equipment in MB Kolubara

The biggest spreader in EPS on its way to the mine

(Belgrade, November 28, 2017) Transport of the new spreader for interburden, which will improve the production and increase the efficiency at mine Tamnava – West Field started in EPS' branch MBKolubara.

-  The value of this investment is EUR 18.8 million, аnd the realization of the project lasted around two years. EPS invests in modernization and as the biggest and most significant power companу has secured future – said Milorad Grcic Acting Director of PE EPS marking the beginning of the transport of the spreader at its working position in the mine.

Grcic pointed out that the spreader of 12.000 cubic meters per hour capacity, and 2.000 tons in weight was the biggest on the opencast mines in EPS. The spreader is moving by the velocity of 6 meters per 1 minute and it will take three to four days for it to reach the working position at the disposal site.

- The spreader is designed to simultaneously receive and dispose overburden from all three excavators which excavate the overburden at the West Field, which will significantly improve the process of overburden production. This segment of production in surfice explotation is extremly significant because the coal is there only when it is uncovered – said Grcic. – At the moment around 10.5 millions of tones of coal is uncovered at the Kolubara mines which is outstanding success in the beginning of winter – added Grcic and congratulated and gave thanks to all the miners who contributed to this fact.

As Grcic have pointed out, procurement and assembly of the new spreader is just one part of the big plans to invest in mining and energy sector previously announced by Aleksandar Vucic, the President of Serbia.

Sven Hörschkes, the vice president of the company FLSmitdh pointed out that this spreader was “state of the art“ and that the most modern equipment according to the global standards had been installed in this impressive mining machine.

- We are facing the state of the art machine of great possibilities, maybe even in Europe, which you can be proud of. It meets the strict environmental criteria and the level of noise and dust has been reduced. We wanted as many domestic contractors to participate in this work and they made about 30 percent of the share – pointed out Hörschkes.


The order to launch the spreader was issued to the crew by Dejan Milijanovic, Coal Production Director, MB Kolubara. With miners' symbolical champagne smashing on the crawler, the spreader "sets" its way to the disposal site.

Procurement and assembly of the spreader is part of the package "B" in the project “Energy Efficiency by Coal Quality Management in MB Kolubara". The entire project is EUR 74 millions worth and is financed by a loan from the German Development Bank – KfW, and in addition to the procurement of the spreader the introduction of a system for the management and control of coal quality at OCM Tamnava-West Field is envisaged.