Revitalization of the unit А1 in HPP Djerdap 1 completed

New power for EPS’s power plant


(Kladovo, October 17, 2017) Unit А1 in Hydro Power Plant Djerdap 1 has been commissioned following the completed revitalization which enables power increase of 10 percent and additional 30 years of electricity production. By pressing the button, the unit was started up by Milorad Grcic, Acting Director of Electric Power Industry of Serbia and Аleksandar Antic, Minister of Mining and Energy.


- General revitalization of the unit HPP Djerdap 1 is very significant work for the energy system and EPS. Up to now four units have been revitalized - А1, А4, А5 and А6 and thereby 60 МW of new power for electricity generation was provided. Through revitalization of Djerdap we practically got a new hydro power plant – Antic said.


Мilorad Grcic, Acting Director of PE ЕPS, has pointed out that by this revitalization the power of the unit А1 has been increased by 10 percent, from 178 МW to 195 МW and that the cost of the project of the renewal of the unit was around EUR 32 million.


- Revitalization of the unit А1 started more than two years ago. There were lots of problems with the Contractor and there were technical issues, but through persistence and series of discussions with partners and friends from Russia, the representatives of the company Silovije mašini, we succeeded with the process continuation. We have completed the revitalization and unit A1 now generates electricity with greater capacity - said Grcic.


The first man of EPS added that with this revitalization another 30 years of operation of the hydro power plant on the Danube has been guaranteed.


- Our goal is to save capacities we inherited from the previous generations and to keep them in even better shape for the next generations. The revitalization of the unit is the best present for EPS for its 124 years of existence and operation – Grcic pointed out and added that on behalf of all employees in EPS he is very happy with a job well done.


Djerdap1 hydro power and navigation system was constructed at the 943rd kilometer of the Danube, near Kladovo. It is a part of the branch HPP Djerdap and Electric Power Industry of Serbia's system and it generates around 5.5 billion kWh of electricity annually, which is about half of the total generation of the hydro power plants of ЕPS. The unit А1 was revitalized in the year when we celebrate 45 years from the completion of the construction of the HPP Djerdap 1.