Higher power for green energy production in EPS


(Mali Zvornik, January 23rd, 2018) In the hydropower plant Zvornik, two rehabilitated units were put into operation officially and this increased power of this EPS plant for approximately 15 MW. 

- This is one of those projects with which EPS fulfills its obligations to preserve, promote, construct and modernize its capacities in order to provide stable and reliable power supply for Serbia in the coming decades. Every extra megawatt is important for the system. Any extra megawatt produced in hydropower plants is of particular importance because electricity produced with water is more cost efficient than electricity produced by coal combustion, and it is environmentally cleaner – said Mr. Milorad Grčić in HPP Zvornik during commissioning of rehabilitated units U1 and U2.

Mr. Grčić added that rehabilitation of the third Unit in HPP Zvornik started in January.  

- It is plan to finish modernization of all four Units by the end of 2019 and this will increase their total capacity by 30%, to total 125.6 MW – Mr.Grčić not


This units rehabilitation project is financed from a loan given by German KfW Development Bank and the investment value is €70 million, while the Contractor is Voith Hydro. 

Mr. Aleksandar Antić, the Minister of Mining and Energy, noted that HPP Zvornik will operate after rehabilitation in all its glory for the next 40 years.    

- We are struggling for each megawatt, and EPS is a leader in this part of Balkans with € 1.5 billion of current investments. This is important not only for EPS but for the overall Serbian economy. A great investment cycle is ongoing and modernization of energy sector in Serbia will continue – said Mr. Antić. – We have ambitious plans. In HPP Djerdap 1, we will start with rehabilitation of the fifth Unit, we will continue our works in HPP Zvornik, and we have many plans for construction of Morava and Ibar hydropower plants, with power of 150 and 120 MW, respectively.

Аxel Dittmann, the Ambassador of Germany in Serbia, pointed out that energy sector in Serbia has an important role in Serbian-German economic cooperation and reminded that Germany has collaborated with EPS since 2000. 

- Of total € 1.8 billion which Germany has invested into Serbian economy since 2000, two thirds of investments have been made into the energy sector. Our common engagement in the energy field is a contribution to Serbian way towards EU – the Ambassador noted.

Mr. Leopold Heninger, a chief executive officer in Voith Hydro, said that the Project in HPP Zvornik enabled them to present their expertise and thanked Serbian companies involved in works for a good cooperation. The value of works to be executed by local companies is about €17 million.

Information that on the first day of trial operation of the rehabilitated Unit 2, the record in daily production of the hydropower plant was broken since it was put into operation 63 years ago, is a proof of the well done work. On December 12th, HPP Zvornik units produced  2.619 MWh in a day, which broke the recent record of 2.500 MWh.