October 6th – Day of Electric Power Industry of Serbia Celebrated

Results Show EPS’ Strength

(Belgrade, October 6, 2017) Employees of Electric Power Industry of Serbia successfully handled all challenges in this difficult year and this will be one of the best years for EPS according to all parameters, said Aleksandar Antic, Minister of Mining and Energy in Serbia today.


At the special session of EPS' Supervisory Board celebrating October 6th – Day of EPS, Antic thanked all employees and congratulated them on their hard and committed work.


- This is the year in which we showed that EPS is stable, resilient company that is fighting every day and overcomes all challenges in the end. We had a difficult and unpleasant first quarter in which we faced climate and technological challenges, but we successfully overcame it and the results show that this will be one of the best years for EPS. In the first nine months, coal production exceeded production of the comparable period in 2016 by 633,000 tons, and overburden production in MB Kolubara is by six percent higher – said Antic.


The minister rejected criticism of analysts made in the previous days and said that EPS is ready for the coming winter.


- It is not easy being a part of EPS since you are constantly criticized by the public as a company of the greatest expectations. Well-intentioned and justified criticisms motivate us to make better results, but we have professional analysts who present vague data and bring slight discomfort among citizens with their statements about poorly dimensioned production. I would like to say to all citizens of Serbia that we will enter this winter fully prepared, in all power companies, including EPS and that there is no need for anyone to bring discomfort among citizens. This is a good system in which everything is balanced – generation, transmission, and distribution, and there is no reason to worry – emphasized Antic.


Milorad Grcic Acting Director of Electric Power Industry of Serbia congratulated EPS' Day to all employees and pointed out that it is now up to miners, fitters, engineers and managers of the company to save and modernize what have been done by the previous generations.


- Good results are also proven by the 7th place that EPS takes on the latest list of top 100 companies in South East Europe, while last year it was on the 19th place – said Grcic. He added that “Djordje Stanojevic“ awards presented for EPS' Day were given to those who really deserved them and emphasized that EPS does not forget people who strived to do something good for EPS during their career.


On the occasion of the Day of EPS, "Djordje Stanojevic" awards were presented for the contribution to the development of the power industry in Serbia. Zoran Bozovic, Dusan Comic, PhD, Slobodan Kujovic, Milan Kovacevic and posthumously Milenko Vulicevic were awarded for several decades of successful work and contribution in the energy sector.


EPS' Day is celebrated on October 6th as a memory of the commencement of the first public power plant in Serbia in 1893, which was built in Dorcol, Belgrade.


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