EPS provides new power to HPP Djerdap 2


Hydropower plant Djerdap 2 will get new power and extend its lifecycle since Electric Power Industry of Serbia has a plan to modernize and rehabilitate its ten units during a ten-year period, announced Mr. Milorad Grčić, acting general manager of PE EPS.   

- Each dinar invested in modernization of the system will be returned as multiple because each MWh more we produce means better stability of EPS.  Only strong and sound EPS will be a reliable support for citizens and economy of the Republic of Serbia. We will increase power of each unit in HPP Djerdap 2 from 27 MW to 32 MW and we will try to achieve this plan without a day of delay by rehabilitating one unit a year. In this way, we will get new 50 MW for production of electricity on the Danube – said Mr. Grčić at the ceremony for celebrating 40 years from the commencement of construction works on HPP Djerdap 2.   

He noted that this investment planned by EPS is important because hydropower plants produce clean energy, they are easier for maintenance and have lower price for production of electricity.

- Serbia goes “side by side, step by step“ with EU towards “green energy“ – said Mr. Grčić and added that Serbia and EPS may proudly boast with two great hydropower plants on the Danube. 

- EPS has HPP Djerdap 1, HPP Djerdap 2, thermal power plants, mines, and we should be aware that this is enormous heritage which we have to keep, improve, and adjust to EU regulations, where necessary.  EPS manages in doing many of these – said Mr. Grčić.

Since 1985, when the first unit in HPP Djerdap started its operation, HPP Djerdap has produced 44.2 billion kWh of electricity, and for 11 months of this year, 1.4 billion kWh, which is by seven percent more than planned.

- In HPP Djerdap, there are 225 employees, and there are also people in the same number who work for contracting companies and this is very important economic point not only for Negotin Municipality but for the whole region.   

The ceremony for celebrating 40 years from the commencement of construction works on the second Danube hydropower plant in Serbia was attended by its constructors as well. Mr. Vladimir Milosavljević and Dragan Nijemčević, who were site managers during construction of Djerdap 2, said that the hydropower plant was in their heart and that they had been the happiest people in the world during commissioning of the fist units.




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