1.6 million tons of coal more than in 2016 in EPS


A new EPS mine for the energy security of Serbia. The plan is to produce between five and six million tons of coal annually at this mine

In Mining basin "Kolubara", the heart of "Electric Power Industry of Serbia", at the new open pit mine Field "G", the coal production has started and this is one of the most important fields in Kolubara, the field of future - said Milorad Grčić, acting director of PE EPS, on December 27th at the celebration of the start of coal production at Field "G". - This is a long-awaited day for "Kolubara" and EPS.

Grčić has emphasized that, by opening Field "G", along with the future mine "Radljevo", the production of coal and electricity will be ensured in the next few decades. He has said that this field is a natural extension of the mine "Veliki Crljeni" and that high-quality coal is produced at this mine.

- EPS will finish the year 2017 with the production of coal increased by 1.6 million tonnes in relation to 2016 and therefore I would like to congratulate the miners of "Kolubara" and "Kostolac", as well as all the employees in EPS - said Grčić. - After many years, all documents and permits have been provided for the relocation of the Ibar highway and EPS has the funds. At the beginning of 2018, we are expecting to relocate eight kilometers of the Ibar highway, which will ensure the smooth development of the mine.

The start of coal production at Field "G" was also attended by Aleksandar Antić, Minister of Mining and Energy, who explained that about 60 million euros were invested in the opening of mine and relocation of the river, the infrastructure and the Ibar highway and that this was one of the best mines in the Kolubara mining basin in terms of coal quality.

- In 2018, we will continue to invest in mining and EPS will allocate around 100 million euros for the procurement of equipment for opening the new mine "Radljevo" and mining works at this mine are expected in 2019  - said Antić. – This is evidence that "Kolubara" and EPS work in a thorough, quality and planned manner.

Explorations have shown that the zone of the new mine contains around 34.6 million tons of high-quality coal. The plan is to produce between five and six million tons of coal annually at this mine.



In order to get to the coal, around two million cubic meters of overburden have been excavated since September. During the lifetime of the mine, a total of around 43 million cubic meters of overburden will be excavated and deposited and approximately 4.5 million cubic meters of interburden is located in the zone of this mine.