EPS builds the infrastructure for the development of Belgrade


(Belgrade, January 31, 2018) Two 40 MW transformers have been installed in the new substation "Beograd 23" at Autokomanda, and the construction of this infrastructural energy facility, which will enable the development of the economy and improve the electricity supply in the Serbian capital, will continue according to the plan.

- Electric Power Industry of Serbia builds a substation which is one of the most important points in the distribution of electricity for the stability of electricity supply of all parts of Belgrade. The value of the investment in the substation at Autokomanda is 900 million dinars and about 650 million dinars have been invested so far in the works and equipment. This facility is very important for connection of new business users in Vozdovac and Savski Venac, a more reliable supply of the Clinical Center of Serbia, and will provide electricity supply to the “Belgrade Waterfront", one of the most beautiful parts of the city in the future – said Milorad Grcic, PE EPS' Acting Director, during a visit of works on the substation „Beograd 23“ with Sinisa Mali, the Mayor of Belgrade.

The substation “Beograd 23" will be a part of energy ring for more stable ad more flexible electricity supply. After the construction of EMS' 400 kV substation, which, for the first time, provided Belgrade with two-way supply within high voltage network, EPS continues to bring the two-way supply to the lower voltage level to each electricity meter.

We have also built 800 square meters of space in this substation where the spare National Distribution Dispatch Centre would be located for reliable electricity supply control to every consumer. This is the largest substation that is being built in Serbia and the completion of works is planned for the end of August. It is expected that the substation will be commissioned in the early September – pointed out Grcic.

EPS is constantly working to modernize and increase the capacity of the electrical network in Serbia, and the Mayor of Belgrade stated that through investments in infrastructure, conditions for improving the quality of life of citizens are being created.

- We are witnesses that Belgrade is developing rapidly. You can find construction sites in all parts of the town, new jobs are opened, as well as new factories, and you cannot have a city that develops without stable electricity supply. Because of that, the new substation “Beograd 23" is very important and that is a way to be ready in advance for new big projects in the city. Once completed, it will provide a stable and secure supply of Belgrade's part with two biggest Stadiums in the Country – said Mali.

Installation of transformer into substation at Autokomanda was attended by Bojan Atlagic, Acting General Manager of “EPS Distribution", Zoran Rajovic, Executive Director for Electricity Distribution at PE EPS, business partners and Contractors' representatives from the Companies „Siemens“ Serbia, „M-enterijer“ and „Elektroizgradnja“.