Renewable Energy Resources

According to the strategic documents of energy sector development of the Republic of Serbia, as well as its own development interests, PE EPS aims to increase the share of renewable energy sources in generation. As one of the most influential companies in electricity generation in the region it is the choice of PE EPS to apply state-of-the-art technologies in the field of renewable energy sources use, increase efficiency and cost-effective and sustainable energy development, primarily using water resources.

Therefore, one of the priorities of PE EPS is rehabilitation and modernization of the existing large and small HPPs, construction of new small HPPs, but also development of wind parks and solar power plants and combustion plants for utility waste and biomass utilization for which potential locations are being analyzed.

In addition to the above, PE EPS is committed to engage its sources, in adequate measure, for utilization of hydro potential of all watercourses where it would be useful to build hydro power plants, whether on the locations already in the possession of EPS or in their immediate vicinity.

It is particularly important to point out that EPS is not dealing with designing, consulting or provision of any services in this field. All tests and analyses of renewable energy sources potential are carried out solely for own needs and cannot be commercialized. 

Energy efficiency is another important segment which is gaining more and more importance and which is acknowledged as one of the priorities in the Sustainable Development Strategy of the Republic of Serbia.  Since PE EPS has already recognized energy efficiency as an important element of its energy policy, significant activities have already been undertaken in that sense and according to its competence PE EPS has significantly raised energy efficiency of its capacities and created grounds for that to be the permanent process.

In order to continue with the improvement of energy efficiency as a responsible company, PE EPS has also initiated implementation of study “Analysis of Potentials and Organized Energy Efficiency Monitoring and Improvement Programs in Coal Production and Electricity and Heat Distribution”. The Study is multidisciplinary and includes analysis of energy efficiency in all PE EPS activities , and the completion of the study will create the ground for introduction of energy management system (ISO 50001) at the level of the entire company, which would create grounds for us to contribute to more efficient operation and to timely react to the obligations arising from the Law on the Efficient Use of Energy.

All these activities are targeted at:
• increased safety of electricity supply and its more efficient use,
• increased competitiveness,
• decreased negative environmental impacts and
• encouraging energy responsible behavior

As far as large hydro power plants are concerned, it is important to mention that rehabilitations of the following plants are completed:
• HPP Ovčar Banja and Međuvršje,
• HPP Bajina Bašta,
as well as that rehabilitations of the following plants are ongoing:
• HPP Đerdap 1,
• HPP Zvornik
In addition to the above, within the framework of extension of lifetime and improvement of efficiency of the existing hydro power plants, there are also plans for rehabilitations of the following plants in the forthcoming period, the technical documentation of which is being prepared.
• Vlasinske HPP
• HPP Bistrica
• HPP Potpeć
• PSHPP Bajina Bašta,
In order to increase additionally electricity generation from renewable energy sources, certain preparatory activities to build new generating capacities with prospective partners have been undertaken and possibilities of construction of new hydro power plants within the framework of the following projects are jointly considered at the moment:
• HPP Ibarske Project
• HPP Moravske Project
• PSHPP Bistrica Project
• Project of construction of the 4th HPP Potpeć unit
For the purpose of providing clear overview of feasibility of the construction of new generating capacities from renewable energy sources, preparation of required investment-technical documentation, environmental impact assessment studies, spatial plans and urban documentation as well as previous actions related to opinions, requirements, consents and licenses has already been started.

• Verification and improvement of results of simulation-forecasting hydraulic model for HPP Đerdap 1 accumulation backfilling using observation and metering data from the period 2006 - 2010. .
• 8 SHPPs on waterpower accumulations
• 15 SHPPs – reconstruction of small hydro power plants owned by PE EPS

EPS SHPPs engleska verzija.pdfEPS SHPPs

Wind power:
• Feasibility Study with Basic Design for wind park construction in Koslolac location, of 60 MW installed capacity (in preparation)

Solar energy:
Project for construction permit for construction of solar power plant Kostolac, of up to 10 MW installed capacity (in preparation).
Pre-Feasibility Study related to construction of solar power plant in Middle Kostolac Island location, of around 100MW capacity.