Quality management system

More Successful Business Operation and Greater Reputation for EPS through Integrated Management System and Quality Infrastructure Application

Electric Power Industry of Serbia is the largest company in Serbia and among the larger ones in the region. Therefore, the operation of the company is always in the spotlight of the customers as well as the state that is the owner of EPS. Great attention to business operation of EPS is paid also by business partners, since EPS cooperates with almost the third of the Serbian economy. That is why one of the most important priorities is process-based operation of the company according to the requirements of international standards through implementation of projects for management system introduction and their integration into single integrated management system.
Process-based approach and company management model stimulates the correct and efficient use of all resources through the results achieved with the application of management system. Process-based organization of operation enables compliance of objectives of the owner, the company and the community.  
Success in business operation is achieved due to modern method of work and work organization, the application of international experience and knowledge, and professional staff. The achieved results have created the conditions for the stable operation of the entire system.
Almost all branches of PE EPS and all regional centers of EPS Distribution have established and certified their business system according to the requirements of international standards ISO 9001, ISO 14001, OHSAS 18001 and have integrated these management systems. Also, in certain branches and regional centers certified management systems according to ISO/IEC 27001 and ISO 50001 requirements have been implemented. Through the establishment, maintenance and improvement of the management system, the company EPS improves its business effeciency continuously. Previous results motivate and encourage optimism to continue with further improvement of all business processes, which is further confirmed by the positive reports of certification bodies after conducted inspections.
The developed integrated management systems contribute to significant savings at the national level and provide identifiable benefits to society. This will lead to further improvement of the developed integrated management systems through customer satisfaction, and therefore to the electricity generation and distribution system as a whole.
Our company recognizes the importance and necessity of socially responsible behavior, and its operation contributes to achieving the position of prominent member of the community to which it belongs.
What we insist upon is business ethics, environmental protection, safety and protection at work, raising awareness about the importance of energy efficiency.
The necessity of application of quality infrastructure requirements and meeting the requirements of technical regulations in systemic and systematic manner are also recognized.
Regarding the compliance with Energy Law and compliance with requirements of Third Energy Package of EU Directives, there is necessity to create conditions that every business entity independently looks after the safety of plants and equipment that are within the processes it performs. In the years to come we plan to standardize this practice throughout the company, and to uniform method of performing these tasks, as well as to achieve rights and obligations in this respect.
The primary goal of integrated management systems application is improvement of the overall business, higher quality of services and sustainable development of the company EPS. Also, the application of progressive management techniques and tools related to the improvement of all business processes, aimed at achieving the strategy and goals set by the company, makes an integral part of integrated management system concept.
This concept of stimulating working environment in our company encourages employees to take initiative and provide maximum in implementation of key processes on the road to achieving our mission.

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