Six Decades of Field B, Prerada and TPP Kolubara


​Great Jubilee Ceremony

Just lasting for 60 years is a success, but lasting for 60 years in Serbian economy, well that is the success. Field B, Prerada and Thermal Power Plant Kolubara are pillars of stability of generation process and unavoidable links of generation chain of Electric Power Industry of Serbia – said Milorad Grčić, EPS Acting Director at the ceremony in Lazarevac celebrating six decades from the beginning of coal production on Field B, commencement of plants operation in Prerada and TPP Kolubara.
Grčić pointed out that the oldest active basin in Kolubra – Field B – today became state-of-the-art basin with the arrival of new and modern system for overburden production.
- Reconstruction of equipment is very important for production in Kolubara, and 180 million euros modernization cycle is on-going and planned to be completed in the next two years. Completion of homogenization project and coal quality management is also important for production efficiency. However, the most important factor in each production process are people, and this is the opportunity to say thank you to all former and current employees who are responsible for the tradition that EPS and Kolubara have – said Grčić.
EPS Acting Director pointed out that the results are the best proof of success of the largest energy company in Serbia. Savings and rationalization of business operation generated profit of 13.5 billion dinars instead of planned 2.5 billion since the beginning of the year. EPS is profitable, it has 500 million euros on its account, and as pointed out recently by the Serbian Prime Minister that is a great success for our country.
Aleksandar Antić, Minister of Mining and Energy, said the jubilee was a good opportunity to proudly recall the past, but also to remind ourselves that 60 years ago energy from Kolubara began making Serbia strong and independent country in terms of energy.
- EPS and Kolubara represent driving force of Serbian development. The miners from Kolubara have been achieving fantastic production results with their devoted and dedicated work for decades. Serbian Government, led by the Prime Minister, is a partner and support to EPS on its way to remain powerful and strong company that represents economic backbone of the country – said Antić.
Dejan Milijanović, head of coal production in MB Kolubara, presented Field B as a cradle of surface mining in Kolubara, and sub-branch Prerada as technical and technological part immensely important for production process. He particularly thanked all employees who participated in the operation of these sub-branches and contributed to achieving results.
- Thanks to all employees who have woven their health, knowledge and experience in the realization of production capacities and operation and development. They have created a strong company with excellent production results. Trade Union is fighting to keep EPS and Kolubara leaders in the Serbian economy – said Milan Đorđević, president of EPS Trade Union.
He pointed out that it is necessary to rejuvenate the staff solving the issue of shortage of manpower in direct production that represents the basis of good results.
Ceremony organized by EPS and EPS Trade Union was honored with the choir from Music School Marko Tajčević from Lazarevac and folk ensembles Rudar from Rudovci and Kolubara from Veliki Crljeni.