EPS Has a New Energy


12th International Energy Fair Opened

Energy sector is the key element for provision of economic development of Serbia and sound business results realized by Electric Power Industry of Serbia contribute to economic growth, said aAleksandar Antić, Minister of Mining and Energy at the opening of 12th International Energy Fair.
Minister said that Serbian economic growth this year will be between 2.5 and three percent and in 2017 even higher.
- In order to achieve that, we need energy and therefore we have active plans and long-term projects. One of the most important projects is the construction of TPP Kostolac B3. Serbian energy sector is in good shape, EPS is achieving excellent business results and the entire energy sector supports Serbian economy – said Antić.
Minister added that EPS is the largest investor in environmental protection that invested around EUR 200 million in the last several years, and it will invest additional EUR 700 - 800 million.
At the opening of the fair Milorad Grčić, Acting Director of Electric Power Industry of Serbia said that EPS is one of the most important factors in energy sector in Serbia.
- EPS has a new energy and it shows it with the achieved results. In the first six months of this year profit of RSD 13.1 billion was realized, which is by RSD 10 billion more than in the same period 2015. Production is also higher by 7.7 percent than the planned. We will continue to increase the collection rate and reduce the losses. EPS follows guidelines given by the Serbian Government, Prime Minister and Minister of Mining and Energy and only thus will EPS become better and modern company that has a future – said Grčić.
During the visit to EPS stand, Antić said that EPS labor optimization plan that is harmonized with the World Bank and International Monetary Fund prepared the plan for retirement incentives which is balanced and fair for workers. Grčić pointed out that by implementing labor optimization plan EPS will save around EUR 100 million.
- 1,860 employees who meet the requirement for early retirement applied for severances so far – said Grčić.
Stana Božović, State Secretary in the Ministry of Agriculture and Environmental Protection said that the objective of the fair is to connect private and public sector and present state-of-the-art technologies.
- Serbian Government expects big tasks in the field of environmental protection and investments in the amount of 10 billion euros primarily in water supply and waste management. We have plans for everything Serbia should do on its way to EU in terms of environmental protection – said Božović.
Under the motto “new energy“, 12th International Energy Fair and 13th International Fair of Environmental Protection and Natural Resources are opened at Belgrade Fair and they will last until October 14.
Electric Power Industry of Serbia will present itself on one stand and every day of the fair it will present the plans and achieved results for the entire company.