EPS’ Day Celebrated


Awards for Professionalism and Commitment

On the occasion of the Day of the Electric Power Industry of Serbia, 6th October, the Supervisory Board of the Electric Power Industry of Serbia held a formal session and awarded individuals and institutions who contributed to the development of Serbian electric power industry and electrification with the traditional charter with the plaque “Đorđe Stanojević“.
The awarded for 2016 are Vera Stanojević, BSc in mechanical engineering, Aca Marković, PhD, former chairman of PE EPS Supervisory Board, Ljubo Maćić, president of the Council of the Energy Agency of Serbia and Nenad Mraković, BSc in electrical engineering. Awards were given to Energoprojekt Entel and Historical Museum of Serbia.
- Serbian Government supports development of Electric Power Industry of Serbia and even if sometimes criticism can be heard it only comes from wishing EPS to be even better. Electric Power Industry of Serbia has since the beginning of the year until today produced by four percent more coal and by 3.5 percent more electricity than for the same period in 2015 that should make all employees proud. Those are encouraging results for Serbian economy as well, which will be reflected in gross domestic product. EPS should continue with development and modernization and achieve even better results, because it represents driving force of Serbian economy and industry development – said Aleksandar Antić, the Minister of Mining and Energy.
EPS Acting Director Milorad Grčić congratulated everyone on the very important day for the largest Serbian power company.
- EPS has and always will be the pillar of Serbian economy development, because it reaches every single point in Serbia. 123 years long tradition since the beginning of the operation of the first power plant in Serbia, thermal power plant in Dorćol is not insignificant. EPS has been developing and modernizing and we continue with the reforms in accordance with the policy of the Serbian Government. The results are evident, we make step by step and it is clear that EPS has a future – said Milorad Grčić, PE EPS Acting Director.
The Chairman of the Supervisory Board Branko Kovačević, PhD pointed out that EPS is the largest economic entity in Serbia generating electricity at the most favorable prices being at the same time socially responsible company whose priority is youth.
This award ceremony was also attended by the members of PE EPS Supervisory Board, members of EPS management, Parliamentary Energy Policy Forum, as well as the representatives of business partners, institutes, universities…