Stronger EPS for energy independence of Serbia


Belgrade, 20 February 2018

Implementation of the unit A4 major overhaul project at the thermal power plant "Nikola Tesla A" (TENT) began with a kick-off meeting of the representatives of the "Electric Power Industry of Serbia" with the contractors. This is one of the most important investments in the system of the "Electric Power Industry of Serbia" this year. The investment of 53.5 MEUR will increase the output of the unit to 332 MW, extend the service life and improve energy efficiency and environmental protection.

Dynamics of works that should start in March was agreed in the meeting at the largest EPS's thermal power plant.

EPS continues the tradition to invest significant funds in modernization of the plant every year by revitalization of the unit A4 at TENT A. Through these and other investments, such as the start of the project for construction of flue gas desulphurization plant for the four TENT A units we want this thermal power plant, which generates more than half of the Serbian electricity, to be long-lasting and one of the most modern thermal power plants not only in the region but in Europe as well - said Milorad Grčić, acting director of PE EPS at the kick-off meeting.

Grčić pointed out that the decision to modernize units A1 and A2, bring back the old glow and continue their operation is of great significance for TENT.

Large investments have been planned in other parts of EPS as well in order to improve and expand all the capacities.

We want EPS to become a company that will be able to supply any consumer in Serbia with electricity at any time. This involves larger number of transformer stations, more modern distribution network and the expansion of capacities in mines. If we do all of this, we will be the leader in the energy sector in the whole region. Our goal is to significantly strengthen and improve EPS in order to fully ensure the energy independence of Serbia so that for a maximum of five years there will be no need to import a single kilowatt-hour of electricity, even in the winter period when the consumption is significantly higher and production is made difficult- said Grčić, adding that since the beginning of the year, EPS has earned 13.5 MEUR from electricity exports.

The last major overhaul of the unit A4 was completed in 2007 and it ensured stable operation of the unit over the past 11 years.

The plan is to make the overhaul last a little less than five months and get a completely renewed thermal unit upon completion of works for stable supply in the coming decades. All preparatory works have been completed and permits for execution of works have been obtained- said Glišo Klasnić, who leads the A4 revitalization project at TENT A.

More than 40 renowned local and foreign companies from the field of energy, mechanical and electrical engineering, many of which have successfully performed overhaul works in other TENT plants in the previous years, will participate in this significant project. The completion of works on the unit A4 will complete revitalization of 300 MW units at TENT A site. The unit A4 was synchronized to the grid on June 8, 1978 for the first time and it marks 40 years of successful operation this year.