Higher production, EPS stable in 2017


Minister of Energy and EPS’ Acting Director visited TENT ​(Belgrade, January 1, 2017) Minister of Mining and Energy, Aleksandar Antic and Acting Director of “Electric Power Industry of Serbia” Milorad Grcic visited Thermal power plant „Nikola Tesla B” in Obrenovac, and the head of EPS, on the eve of December 31, paid a visit to miners on the Open-cast mine “Drmno” and the energy experts in Thermal power plant „Kostolac B“. Electricity supply in New Year’s Eve was completely stable, and 116,7 million KWh were delivered to the customers of “Electric Power Industry of Serbia” on December 31, 2016. We expect an increase of coal end electricity production in 2017 for households and economy needs, and electric power system is ready for 2017 – said Aleksandar Antic, Minister of Mining and Energy. – it is a difficult and complex task to lead and organize such a big and complex system, to provide a synchronised coal and electricity production, but I am convinced that, in the synergy of our energy companies, Ministry and the Government of the Republic of Serbia, we will absolutely ensure it. EPS’ Power plants generated 36,5 billion KWh in 2016, which is, according to Minister of Energy, about 1,5 percent more generated electricity than planned and nearly 2,5 percent more than in 2015. And the mining sector, with an annual coal production of 37,7 million tons, exceeded its production plan by two percent. - We provided completely reliable electricity supply for households and economy throughout the year, and I believe that we thus significantly contributed in 2.74 percent of economic growth achievement. It is certain that we cannot be the key generator of economic growth in 2017, which is expected to be about three percent, unless we provide total energy needed to achieve growth – said Antic.He pointed out that last year we had a serious facility overhaul in TENT B and that there was realized the biggest capital overhaul within EPS. Unit’s operating time is extended for another 30 years and more than 200.000 hours. - We have increased the unit’s power from 618,4 to 650 MW and we got a modern facility we are proud of, because there is no much big units in Europe like units B1 and B2 – pointed out Antic.PE EPS’ Acting Director Milorad Grcic, pointed out that overhaul of Unit B2 in TENT lasted about 6 months, that more than 30 different companies have been working on it at the same time, and that he is especially proud of Power plant’s employees which succeeded in organising and synchronising, so there were few cases that one company bothered another. He said that whole work was done two days before deadline, which represent significant success for such big and complex undertaking. During the visit of miners and energy experts from Kostolac, Grcic said that he was particularly proud of the fact that Thermal power plants of Kostolac have generated 6,7 billion KWh of electricity in 2016, which is the largest generation ever. - I hope that we will have even more stable generation and, what is the most important, we will succeed in providing better working conditions in every aspect of production in Thermal power plants of Kostolac and Open-cast mine “Drmno” – said Grcic. He visited Dispatching centre of OCM „Drmno“ and Operational centre 5 of ECS system where he wished a Happy New Year to employees. Grcic pointed out that for everyone dealing with energy, it is always clear that we should address firstly to miners. - We should be firstly thankful to miners, without them we would have no coal, and thermal power plants would be in vain. It is obvious for everyone – said Grcic, who addressed over the radio station to OCM “Drmno” employees, which realised, for the first time this year, the full projected production and digged more than 9 million tons of coal in a year. E EPS PR Sector