Energy system is stable


The Minister of Energy and EPS Acting Director visited coal supply system at TENT (Belgrade, 8th January 2017) Mr. Aleksandar Antic, the Minister of Energy and Mining and Mr. Milorad Grcic, Acting Director of Electric Power Industry of Serbia confirmed smooth operation of Serbian power system during the harsh winter days upon their visit to coal supply system at Thermal Power Plant Nikola Tesla A. - Last night the recorded temperature at Kolubara mines was – 20C, in Prijepolje -30C and it was even lower on Pešter Plateau. Our energy system is completely stable under extremely harsh conditions and we steadily produce both the coal and electricity. We do not face any problems in transmission and the failures occur in distribution mainly in the south-east Serbia and partly in the west Serbia mostly in the hills and mountains. The major problem occurred around noon in Prijepolje, where substation switches froze due to the temperature of -30C during the early morning hours – said Mr. Antic. – I would like to thank all employees of EPS, Elektrodistribucija and EMS who are making extraordinary efforts in order to keep the operation stable. Numerous standby teams are fully ready to provide necessary assistance at the locations. The head of Electric Power Industry of Serbia, Mr. Milorad Grcic pointed out that the coaches carrying the coal to TENT have been defrosted by steam as a precaution in order to prevent outages. - Employees are working at full capacity in all shifts and I’d like to thank them since they all perform their jobs very seriously and responsibly – said Mr. Grcic. – I am sure that we will manage to maintain energy stability until these freezing days are over. Landfill supplies in power plants are slightly above 800,000 tons and coal production is increased in Mine Basin Kolubara. Larger coal amounts are going to be transported, so there will be enough coal supplies. The operation of all units is stable. Electricity consumption in Serbia is on average compared to the same period last year. All our forecasts are fulfilled. Standby teams are ready to provide the assistance 24/7. Mr. Grcic explained that even under such adverse weather conditions, only 0.16 percent of customers suffered electricity supply interruption at a time. All failures are eliminated within shortest possible time. PE EPS PR Sector