Handover of management system modernization project in TENT B


EPS improved the work of TENT B „Electric Power Industry of Serbia” has completed modernization of system for monitoring and units’ management in TPP “Nikola Tesla B”, thus improving the work in one of the largest capacities for electricity generation in Serbia. By assignment of certificates for takeover of system for monitoring and B2 Unit in TENT B managing, which was assisted by Milorad Grčić, PE EPS’ Acting Director, the end of project was announced. Aleksandar Antić, Minister of Mining and Energy, pointed out that the project is a part of the overall modernization of Electric power system of Serbia. - Through this project are defined three priorities of the Government of the Republic of Serbia, Ministry of Mining and Energy, and EPS – increase of job security, higher energy efficiency and reduction of all negative effects on environment, i.e. sustainability of the whole energy system – said Minister Antić. – Nowadays, TENT B units operate more effectively. We made great efforts to modernize this part of our energy system ad to boost it for upcoming economic growth development that Serbia expects. The worth of TENT B management modernization project is about 35 million Swiss francs and it was realized with the donation of the Government of Switzerland of 11 million Swiss francs, and the share of EPS was amounted to 24 million Swiss francs.By installing modern equipment for surveillance and control, stable operation of plants with less downtime was provided, which will bring significant savings in coal consumption and improve energy efficiency of the units’ operation and environmental protection.- With modernization of one unit, carbon dioxide emission was reduced by 68.000 tons per year, which is equal to the amount produced by A320 when 6.000 times cross the road from Belgrade to Zurich - said Philippe Guex, Swiss Ambassador to Serbia.Axel Dittmann, German Ambassador in Belgrade said that impressive modernization in TENT B was performed in cooperation with Siemens Company and he expressed his expectations that Germany will continue to cooperate in that area with Serbia and EPS:- Siemens is present in Serbia for more than 130 years, contributing in development of Serbian economy. The project in TENT was implemented side by side with the partners form Siemens in Switzerland, as Novak Đoković and Roger Federer play tennis, except that in this case both players are in the same winning team – said Udo Eichlinger, General Manager of Siemens Serbia. Ivan Gajić, TENT B Director, said that project passed trial operation and acceptance tests, which is proven that the set objectives of greater efficiency and reliability in operation units are fulfilled, and that their power is increased form 620 to 650 MW per unit.