Arrived the first Chinese locomotive for EPS


TENT’s Railway Transport Reconstruction (Belgrade, April 19, 2017) “Electric Power Industry of Serbia” procured new electric locomotive, after three decades, which will provide more reliable coal transportation to the Thermal Power Plant „Nikola Tesla“. Locomotive of the latest generation is produced by Chinese company CRRC ZELC for EPS. - It is about the locomotive with double power compared to those we use nowadays in TENT, which consumes less electricity due to reversible electric system and lower noise level. For EPS it is important that the Chinese locomotive can operate in adverse weather conditions, as last winter we saw how important it is to have reliable transportation of coal from the mine to the power plant – said Milorad Grčić, Acting Director of PE EPS, during the official delivery of locomotive in TENT branch.Chinese locomotive will drag carriages on one of the busiest industrial railways in Europe, and carry up to 100.000 tons of coal from MB “Kolubara” to TENT. Grčić pointed out that the contract with Chinese partner is worth 533 million Dinars, i.e. about 4,4 million Euros and that is successfully implemented. - EPS continues to respect the guidelines of the Government of the Republic of Serbia and goes in the right direction of modernization and long-term survival – said Grčić. CRRC ZELC Company won the international tender for manufacturing 2 locomotives for EPS. - We delivered the first locomotive in a year, without any problem. It was not easy to make it possible. As a China’s largest rolling stock manufacturer, we realized with success orders over the world, in Turkey, Austria, Germany. This is our first job in Serbia, and we hope to continue cooperation – said Zhou Qinghe, President of Chinese Company CRRC ZELC. Savo Bezmarević, Executive Director of Electricity Generation Technical Affairs in PE EPS, said that TENT, for the first time since 1986, enlarges its means of railway transport with electric locomotives for train traction. - They represent a significant flywheel in EPS’ Railways development. According to the volume of funds, this is the largest investment in TENT’s rail transport, after three decades – said Bezmarević.Locomotive weighs 120 tons and its length is 21,7 meters. It can operate in different weather conditions; it is equipped with modern systems of protection, video surveillance with eight cameras, and there is a possibility of locomotive position monitoring from remote control center as well as remote monitoring and reading diagnostic faults or failures system.The arrival of new locomotive marks the beginning of the reconstruction of traction means in TENT’s railway transport, in which the average age of locomotives was about 40 years. New electrical locomotives will fulfil all conditions for contemporary and safe transport, not only industrial railway lines but also on public railway lines. PE EPS PR Sector